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Our People (Singapore Office)


Management Consultancy & Country Desk

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Roy Foo
B.Bus (Hons)


> 12 years of experience in the areas of :
a) Deal origination
b) Transaction support ( Debt/ private equity)
c) M&A Advisory services
in major investments banks.

Senior Consultant (External)
Corporate Finance (Fund Raising)

Goh Seow Kwang 
B.Eng (Hons)
Todai Alumni

> 10 years experiences in senior position in :
(a) Economic Development Board ( EDB)
(b) Trade Development Board ( TDB)
(c) Matsushita Technology (S) Pte Ltd
(d) Consulate of Singapore in Vietnam

Senior Consultant
Japan Desk

Yanagisawa Yoshiki

a) Japanese Citizen & Singapore Permanent
Resident with > 15 years of experience in senior position in accounting, legal and marketing function of the following Japanese Multinational Corporations :
(i) Mitsubishi Motor Corporation
(ii) Nikko Securities Corporation
(iii) Nikko Merchant Bank Singapore PL

b) Managing Director of JNL

Senior Consultant (External)
Japan Desk

Ujwal Jajjo 

a) An Indian Citizen with > 15 years working
experience in senior position in an Indian
Multinational Corporation ( Arvind Mafatlal

b) Founder and Managing Director of
Acist Consulting Group (

Senior Consultant
India ( Mumbai) Desk

Atul Pant
M. Comm

a) An Indian Citizen with > 15 years working
experience in senior position in various
Multinational Corporations.

b) Founder & Managing Director of Enabling Dimensions Group (

Senior Consultant
India ( Delhi) Desk

Mr K F Foo 
Chartered Accountant (Malaysia)

a) Several years of audit & corporate finance experience with Top 60 International Audit Firm (Audit Alliance)

b) Audit experience gained from Big 4 International Audit Firm

c) Founder & Senior Partner of a Malaysia Audit Firm ( Penang)

d) Major in Corporate Finance Advisory Services & Internal Audit Services.

Senior Consultant
Malaysia Desk
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