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 Statutory Audit Services to Subsidiary of Oversea MNC / Listed Company
Financial Statement Audit 
 Major Client -Where Audit Alliance act as Auditor of Subsidiaries of Oversea MNC/ Listed Company
Company Name
Organisation & Corporate Logo
Corporate Website address
Country of Incorporation of Holding Company / Major Shareholders
Organisation & Corporate Logo of Holding Company / Major Shareholders
Corporate logo of Lead Auditor
Corporate Website of Holding Company /Major shareholders
Principal Activities
Agrolinz Melamine International Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Apar Technologies Pte Ltd  
Bornemann Pump Asia Pte Ltd  
Bora Holding Pte Ltd  
European Investors (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
Daiichi Chio Shipping (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
Evolis Asia Pte Ltd  
  encora technologies 
Encora Technologies Pte Ltd  
Fischer System Asia Pte Ltd  
Frequentis Singapore Pte Ltd  
IJS Global Singapore Pte Ltd  
Komatsu Semiconductor Pte Ltd  
Kitakyusu Transportation Co Pte Ltd  
KTL (Singapore) Pte Ltd  
Nidec Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd  
PT Tuntex Garments (S) Pte Ltd  
S & G Biofuel Pte Ltd  
Semperit Industrial Products (S) Pte Ltd  
Taisol Electronics (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd  
Wilkhahn Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  


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